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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Make Money While Blogging

It seems that more and more blog owners tend to make money blogging, especially that modern technology offers so many opportunities to do this.

So, here are some tricks and tips to turn your blog into a small profitable business.

The first easiest way to make money blogging is to sell products and advertising. You can sell other people products by affiliating programs, this way your blog becomes a kind of intermediary between the reader and online sites which sell different products or services.

If you mention a product on your blog and the reader clicks on it, he is directed to ebay to get further details about the product. Advertising can also be a good opportunity to make money blogging.

If your blog is well-known, you can sell advertising on your own. But, if you own a less-known blog, you can use famous provider's services, such as Google's AdSense or BlogAds. You can also make money blogging by asking for contributions. Moreover, another possibility to make money blogging is to use your blog to network with other bloggers.

The two most popular ways to monetize a blog are:

* Freelance blogging, also known as pro blogging: you blog for businesses, and are paid on a contract, usually three to six months long;

* Entrepreneurial blogging: you create your own blog empire, monetizing your blogs in various ways.

If you're pro blogging, just look for blogging gigs online. With AdSense, you just run AdSense ads on your blogs.

With affiliate marketing, you sign up as an affiliate with affiliate networks like ClickBank and Commission Junction, and start selling the products on your blog.

Keep Your Blog Monetization Simple At First

If you're monetizing via AdSense, add AdSense advertising to your blog and see what progress you make over a month or two. Choose one company from the networks, and choose one product from that company. Sell the product, using reviews and tip posts on your blog. Making money blogging couldn't be easier.

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