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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Optimize Your Blog and Benefits for Any Business

4 Quick Tips To Optimize Your Blog For The Search Engines

Executive summary about Blogs By Fabian Tan

1. Use Your Keywords In Your Domain Name

It might be too late if you have already created a blog, but if you start a new one, you should choose a domain name which will contain the keywords you are targeting. For example, if you want to rank highly on the search engines for ‘soccer training tips’, then it may be a good idea to include ‘soccer training’ somewhere in your domain name. This will make your site appear more relevant to the search engines.

2. Use Your Keywords In Your Text

Try to add your main keywords into the body of your text. Don’t pepper your text incessantly with your keywords because the search engines will think you are trying to trick them, but do add your main keywords a few time into the text. This further increases your blog's relevance with the search engines.

3. Use Keywords In Your Anchor Text Links

When posting comments on other blogs or posting in forums, include your keywords in your links if you wish to advertise them. For example, you’d want your link to show ‘soccer training tips’. Anchor text links are one of the main ways to shoot up the search engine rankings.

4. Exchange Links With Relevant Blogs

Whenever you are reading blogs which are relevant to yours, try to find the owner’s contact information and contact him or her, asking if they would like to exchange links with your site. This is a win-win situation as it benefits both.

More on Blogging and Its Benefits For Any Business

Executive summary about Blogging By Scott M Searles

Blogging is by far one of the most powerful tools for Internet marketing that has come along in the past 2 years and the explosion of blogs and their uses for complimenting whatever your business your in, is truly hard to surpass by any other tool. Blogs are all about connecting with your niche audience. They are extremely user friendly and allow for a personal connection that wouldn't otherwise be able to create with your audience.

There are quite few advantages that blogs give, that no other tool delivers. First of all this year we have pretty much heard about Web 2.0 and social media over and over and over again, until it was pretty much drilled into our conscious. Well blogs are at the core of Web 2.0 and at its core, it is about the social interaction between consumer and business owner.

According to some poles there are somewhere over 10 million blogs out there at present, and that same pole is quoted as saying there are also over 75 thousand added each day. These figures may give a bit of the jitters just because of the numbers and you maybe thinking to yourself, why bother with so much competition?? Don't go there! It doesn't matter. Remember as with every thing there is a correct way and an incorrect way of doing things.

You will be reading posts in the near future about earning the business of your prospects, and it very well could be one the most important subjects that you end up reading. Without going into that portion to heavy, here's the deal and this why I love blogs. They do allow you to earn the right to do business with your customer. It allows you to deliver top notch content and build confidence with those who visit. That is at the core of the most powerful aspects of blogs, is the ability to interact and build relationships.

Blogs also seem to get spread by word of mouth at a very rapid pace, and with millions of blog readers out there you can instantly see the benefits. You supply good content that helps people and they will talk about you. This is a concept about business that so many leave out of their business. Stop thinking of yourself first. When you look at your business from the stand point of giving before you get you 'll see a level loyalty that you wouldn't have otherwise realized.

Blogs are also an incredible tool for finding out what your niche market is looking for. Your ability to throw up a pole on your blog can be done in a matter of minutes and imagine this for a minute. You have built your traffic up to 500 to 800 a day and you get to pick the brains of these people. They can, in pretty short order, tell you what's missing in this niche. That is priceless information.

One thing about having a blog is you are going to have to commit yourself to posting regularly. If you wan to be noticed then posting once a month isn't going to do it. I have 4 blogs so I commit to posting no less than every other day to to each. What that accomplished is the search engines visit me now 3 times a day in a search for optimized content. Imagine what just one blog post listed in the top 10 search results can do for you and your business.

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