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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Is The Internet Marketing?

What is the internet marketing?

Before I explain what it is the internet marketing, I will give a simple analogy that'll be easier to understand what the internet marketing is.

Ok as an example:


Transportation is divided into: There is land, water, and air.

Land transportation: There are buses, motorcycles, trains, tricycles, horse-drawn carriage, etc.
And for the horse-drawn carriage: The coachman and horse.

Air transport: There are Air Asia, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, American Airlines, etc.
And for American Airlines. There is pilot, co-pilot, etc.

Well, look at the description above its easier right for you to understand? Imagine if you do not know what the transportation is, but with divided like this it will be easier. If I said the coachman, you must know that it is part of the horse-drawn carriage, and the horse-drawn carriage of the land transportation. Or I say British Airways. You know that British Airways is part of the air transport. So, this will not be cluttered and confused, "Oh what the heck it's part coachman?", "Oh stewardess part of what?"

Okay, now we explain what is internet marketing.

Internet marketing is divided into Source of Income and Traffic Generation.

Well now part of the source of income is divided type of business, there is a PPS (Pay Per Sale), PPC (Pay Per Click), PPL (Pay Per Lead), there are also selling their own products, or there are also online auction. This is a partial example of a part of the source of income.

Now part of the PPS for example: Amazon, Clickbank, etc. Part of PPC: adsense, chikita, etc. Part of PPL: max bounty, copeac, etc. And for there eBay auction online and Flippa.
Next Generation Traffic is divided into PPC Ads, SEO, Email Marketing, Mobile Advertising, and there is also a Social Media Marketing.

For Example PPC Ads: Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, MSN Ad Center.
Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or now the new Google +
Seeing these forms and sections we can see so many parts of the internet marketing and from here also we can see if you want to be rich do not need to do anything. For example you want to sell clickbank products by promoting the use of SEO alone. You can already earn enough, even outstanding. So all you have to do is choose which one is most comfortable for you to do and do as an internet marketer.

So basically you are in internet marketing you should marry between the source income and the traffic generation and then focus on the one field that comfortable for you.

With you know what the internet marketing is, at least you know what you have to do when you wanna be an internet marketing from your home :)

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