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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Increase Blog Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any blog. By far one of the best ways to drive blog traffic is by posting regularly. The search engines are always on the lookout for new content. If you post regularly Google will get in the habit of indexing your site often. That alone will help increase your traffic.

How can I make my posts a more effective traffic magnet?

OK you've written your blog post, and published it - So that's it right? Not quite, now it's time to give your new blog post a little bit of social love. This is one of the quickest things you can do to add some extra juice to each blog post. Make sure you Social Bookmark as soon as you publish your post. The best approach is to pick only 4 or 5 places to bookmark your post. Before you groan and get the wrong idea, let me tell you why it's easier to rewrite posts. Just throwing into the mix these simple steps will make each blog post much more powerful.

5 Simple Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

1. Keywords

The difference between a successful blog and one that fades into nothing is in the number of readers visiting each day. If your goal is to create a large source of income from your site then attracting more visitors is keyword.

Keyword is an index term or descriptor to retrieve documents in an information system, for instance a catalog or a search engine.

2. RSS Feed

An RSS feed notifies your readers that you have created another article and made a new posting on your blog. The RSS feed will also help create a stream of income as more visitors mean a higher page ranking and better search placement.

3. Social Networks and Engines

There are a number of social bookmarks and other networks available for blogs to utilize. Some blogger favorites are Digg, Technorati and, YouTube, etc.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Attracting new visitors will be through a combination of regular postings, great content and search engine optimization techniques. When creating a new article, think about who will be visiting the blog and what they will be searching for. Decide upon your main keywords and use them throughout the body of the post.

5. Niche Marketing

This technique requires a little additional work but it will pay off with a huge amount of traffic. By looking for optimized search terms with low competition you can direct a huge amount of free traffic to your blog. The best part about niche marketing is that everything you do costs nothing and the traffic you receive will be hungry for what you’re offering.

By using these techniques within your blog strategy, you will find that your traffic will increase significantly and your increased income will follow.


durais said...

Very much informative post.. I am also posting daily and maintaining my site but my page rank didnt increase what shall i do..

David said...

i suggest u to exchange link with a lot of site or blogs minimal with they PR 3.

Then if i see, your site don't have internal link or "anchor text" in your post.

but u have site use CMS WP.. its very good. and put meta tags too in your site my friend..

trying my best.. :)

Anonymous said...

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