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Friday, November 28, 2008

Blessing in Disguise

Fan Shi Gan Ji

Fan Shi Gan Ji... whatever happened be thankful.

Once in a kingdom, there lived a king whose passion was hunting. One day accompanied by his soldiers and trusted companions he went to the woods for a hunt. And carelessly, due to an accident, his own sharp knife cut off his little finger The king was terribly him up but still the king was very much sad.

Not knowing what else to say, the counselor finally said, "Your Higness, Fan Shi Gan Ji... Whatever happened you need to thankful."

Upon hearing such a comment, the king was in rage. "What a comment! I had an accident, and instead of counseling, he asked me to be thankful!" And thus sentenced the counselor into a three-year jail.

Days passed by. The loss of his lttle finger didn't prevent the king from doing hi hunting passion. One day, the king with his new appointed counselor, and a crowd of soldiers went for another hunting. Unexpectedly, while he was in the middle of the forest, the king and the counselor suddenly were separated from the rest of the group. Suddenly a clan of barbaric tribe caught them. Both of them were caught, and brought along to be sacrificed to the tribe's Gods.

Before the ceremony began, both the king and the counselor were bathed. And when it was ithe turn for the king, they noticed that one of his small fingers was cut off. And due to this "invalid" body, the king wasn't qualified dumped him and released by the primitive people. And instead, the new counselor was offered to the Gods.

With a great effort, the king finally found his way back to the palace. As soon as he arrived there, he straightway ordered his old counselor to be released at once.

"My Counselor,
I am very thankful to you. Your advice has been proven right all along. Fan Shi Gan Ji... Because of mu cut-off little finger, I can safely be back today..." And then he retold the whole incident.

After hearing the king's story, with such a rush the counselor bowed down and said, "Thank you Your Majesty. I am also very thankful that you have put me in jail unless it might have been me to be sacrificed to the Gods."


The story above teaches us such a basic simple value, the power of gratitude upon receiving whatever comes our ways; when we are at condition of progress and success we need to be thankful as well as at the lowest point of our spirit. In this life process, not everything works out smoothly or easily as we expect. Sometimes we are faced with life's real challenges such as misunderstanding, failure, trickery, slander, sickness, earthquake, and all sorts of unavoidable misfortunes.

Human beings with their remarkable abilities to think, and the support of technologies as well as their sensible anticipation, in all times try their best to minimize the predicted failures, danger or life's threatening disaster. But the truth is not all things we can control. There is an 'X' area which is beyond our reach. This only God The Almighty with His own power and grace can control.

As a being with sense of humanity, we all try our best to avoid any foresight misfortunes that might befall unto us. But if at the end of the day all of these misfit incidents sill fully as God's will. When we have big heart that can accept whatever comes and be thankful to the good or bad things happen, our sufferings may be felt m such less. And for sure, there is always a meaning behind all sufferings. Blessing in disguise that you can count on.

"When we succeed, we are thankful.
When we fail, we are also thankful.
The true happiness and wealth are
in the thankful attitude itself."

By Andrie Wongso

From The Book :
15 Wisdom & Success
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The Power of Love

Ai De Li Liang

As the story goes, a young beautiful woman was just married a man she love dearly. After the marriage, this woman lived together with her mother-in-law. Then, there were so many mishaps and unfitting behaviors and views between the two ladies in the house. The mother-in-law somehow always managed to find flaws in almost everything that her daughter-in-law did. Sharp comments, criticisms and all sorts of sarcasms were constantly flowing everyday. Unfortunately, the husband could not do much to improve the situation.

The daughter-in-law seemed unable to sustain her anger anymore. Day to day,taking revenge was poisoning her mind and thoughts. And thus she went to look for his father's best friend who was a medicine seller. She told him all about her sadness and grieves in tears, "An that's why uncle you have to help me in this case, please prescribe a strong dose of poison so that I can have my revenge towards my mother-in-law." After a careful thinking, finally the uncle smiled wisely and answered, "I will give you the poisonous powder under one condition that you will do exactly as I say." The woman agreed.

And then the uncle gave her a full pocket of powder. "My dear, to get rid of your mother-in-law, don't use a quick reactive poison. People around you will be very suspicious of her sudden dying. They will directly be able to point their fingers to you. Therefore, I am giving you a slow reactive your mom's meals. And remember, you have to cook the meal yourself," said the medicine seller.

Before she left, the medicine seller added up, "Just to make sure that people will not be suspicious later on, you need to treat your mother-in-law better in days to come, by doing so people will not raise any questions about her death. Treat her with love, respect and show yur big heart by not arguing, just giving in to her. Treat your mother-in-law as if she were your own mother."

With such a happier light heart, the woman went home, she obeyed and did whatever the uncle said. Everyday, she spoilt her mother-in-law by cooking all her favorite dishes and served her with all respect and compassion. Without realizing four months had passed, and a big change took place. Being treated with such respect and affection, the mother-in-law was touched and changed her behavior towards her. Things turned around, she started to treat her daughter-in-law as her own one and loved her more and more each day. In the presence of her friends, she complimented and spoke highly of her daughter-in-law's nobility and compassion.

Seeing the changes in her mother-in-law's, abruptly the daughter rushed to see the uncle. "Please uncle, give me the antidote to the poison that you gave me sometime ago. After doing what you told me, now my mother-in-law has treated me so well and full of love. I also start loving her, I don't want her die from the poison that I gavve her everyday."

The just smiled and answered, "My dear, don't worry. The powder that I gave you was not poison at all. It actually was tonic to enhance body strength instead." She was dumb founded. "So the real poison actually is what dwells in your head, your attitudes towards your mother-in-law. And now all of those poisons have been wiped away by love and affection that you have showered her."


The story above has taught us of how incredible the power of love Ai De Li Liang or the power of affection and tender love care Guan Xin De Li Liang can be.
Love and affection bring about care, sincerity, and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. Love and affection can release us from the strong grip of misunderstanding, bring down the wall off coldness, soften the stubbornness and mellow down hatreds. Love and affection invite peace and bring differences into a good harmony. If all of use are willing to give love andaffection towards peole around us day by day, then life is worth living for.

"Love and attention is power!
If all of us are willing to share love
and attention towards people around us,
then life will happier and
more meaningful."

By Andrie Wongso

From The Book :
15 Wisdom & Success
Classical Motivation Stories

Motivation Stories

* How The Brain Works
* Blessing In Disguise
* Do Not Fear, Do Not Regret
* Positive and Negative Words
* 9 Tips Keep In Attachment Loyalty
* Footprints In Sand
* Wealth Success and Love
* Mom's Love
* Love Love Love Love
* Run Till The Finish Line


* To Be Your Nails at Your Fingers
* O Girls
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

German Online Personals

Maybe your heart come to German

Maybe your soulmate stay in German

Maybe your wonderful time and life touch in German

Maybe your beloved one found in German

Come on find your personal online in here

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Carlsberg football web-TV-channel

Carlsberg launches Web-TV channel about football and fan life
Recently Carlsberg Brewery launched a football web-TV-channel
They launched 5 channels showing all aspects about football from the classic football matches to life as a fan.

Be sure not to miss the video clips about football funnies and rituals from the Football Magic channel.

come join for every fans who love football, it's the time for us to be fun and a have a good treat fro the fans. Don't miss it. Hurry up to part of it. Come on.. come on...
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Free Mastercard from Payoneer

Payoneer Inc Mastercard's use for shopping or to withdraw the cash money from ATM with mastercard's logo. And what is more for internet's payment if you don't want be paid by check and other else. And if you make a Paypal account, it can use to verify too.

You can get this card just for free and easy, what you only to do just register yourself to the FriendFinder, a site like Friendster. Its an easy way, you only following and join the affiliate. One of the program that suppor The Payoneer Inc is FriendFinder.

If you want to join the FriendFinder affiliate, follow the steps below:

* First you Register Here

* Then click Join Now

* Fill Your data form completely

* I am a Man : Choose Man if you man, and Woman if you woman

* Interested in meeting a : Choose Man if you looking for/friend with man, Woman if you looking for/friend with woman, or you can choose both.

* Birthdate : Your birth

* Country : Your country

* Zip/Postacl code : empty it if you not from US (US only)

* Email adresss : Your email address

* Username : Your username between 4 - 16 character

* Then click Click Here and Have Fun

* Then you go to the next step

* City : City that you live

* Closest City : Same like your city

* State : Your province or state

* Your Height : Heigth

* Your Body Type : Your body type

* Your Race : Type your race

* Marital Status : Your Status

* Your Religion : Type you religion

* Your Education : Type your last education

* Your Occupation : Type your job

* Introduction Title : A Title about you, you can type like: I am a good Man, I like travelling, etc. Minimum 10 character.

* Tell others about yourself : Type and describe about yourself, its better in english, like : I am a good man or woman and my hobby are reading, computer, internet, travelling, business, etc. Make like everything you want, minimum 50 character.

* If you have a photo you can browse you photo from your computer. If not yet, you can browse later.

* Then click to Join

* After that you check your email, then click Active Now.

* You log out a while with click Log off

* Then go to this FriendFinder Affiliate

* Click Affiliates

* Click Affiliate Sign up

* Type the form with your right data

* Preferred Program : Choose No. 1

* First Name : Your first name

* Last Name : Your last name

* URL : Type Your Website or Blog, you should to fill it, if you have not yet, you can make a blog from or

* Desired Password : Type password you want

* Preferred Newsletter Language : English

* Checks Payable To : Your complete Id name

* Street Address : Your id address

* City : Your city that you live

* State/Province : Your state or your province

* Country : Your country

* ZIP/Postal Code : Type your ZIP or Postal Code

* What is your business tax classification? : Empty it if you not from US (US only)

* Tax ID or Social Security Number : Empty it if you not from US (US Only)

* Phone Number : Your phone number or mobile

* Which Instant Messenger do you use? : choose None

* Use ePassporte : Choose No

* Then Click Here for the Last Step

* Click little box with the "Yes, I have read and accepted the Affiliate Agreement"

* Click Submit

* Then click Account Information

* Click the blue colour at Here is your account information. "Click here to update your information"

* Scroll down thenClick Payoneer : Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard®.You will be directed to a FriendFinder page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card.

* Then click Get Your Prepaid Mastercard@ Now!

After you click it you must fill the payoneer debit card form. There is 3 steps to fill it:

* Then click Start Here (Look at the picture above).

Fill your data in the Payoneer form (Step I). Then Click Step II button, fill your data. In the Step III you fill your country ID card at the form.

After you have fill the 3 steps form, don't forget to click the 3 box.

Then for the last you click Finish.

* The Payoneer Inc will send you the mastercard between 20 - 30 days.When the debit card arrived, then active it and follow the steps from the letter that sent with your card. It's so easy right?

* Check your email, there is you got your username and password for the affiliate. Login for a member and Login for an Affiliate is different.

Having try...

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